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Fitness Warriors Club

Fitness Warriors Club Presents
Top luxury Traveling program of TASK in Gallipoli
On behalf of the international consulting
Company CARINEL & Partners
Challenging sports and workshops around the world

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Fitness Warriors Club Presents, the Top luxury Traveling Program of TASK in Gallipoli on behalf of the international consulting company CARINEL & Partners. Designed for entertainment, luxury sports traveling & workshops. For people who like to combine their travels with the four main components: visiting historical places; Italian food; Hotel by the sea and training in tactical Self-Defense & Shooting with the Top professionals.


About Top Luxury Traveling Program of TASK

Historical places of old city in Gallipoli

Exposure to the historic sites of Gallipoli, allows you to touch on a past, through thousands of years similar to a time machine that conveys you to the foundations of the European civilization. Places that have survived and seen war, peace, prosperity, and decline such as Angevine-Aragonese Castle was built in the 13th century by the Byzantines; The Cathedral of Sant'Agata was probably built before the 700; The church of St. Domenico was built between 1696 and 1700; The Greek Fountain was built in the 16th century; Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi was completed in 1253; Museo Civico Emanuele Barba and Spiaggia della Purita One of the best-known beaches in Gallipoli.

Angevine-Aragonese Castle.

Gallipoli from Italian means "Beautiful City" – Is a southern Italian town and commune in the province of Lecce, in Apulia. Is one of the towns where the Greek dialect is spoken. The town is located by the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of the Salento Peninsula. When the old part of the town is on a small walled island connected to the mainland by a 6th-century bridge. Aside from the bridge, there is the Aragonese Castle, it was built in the 13th century and is one of the few castles washed by the sea.

Cathedral of Sant'Agata Gallipoli.

According to a legend, the city was founded in ancient times by Idomeneus of Crete and was a city of Greater Greece. Historically, known that they were ruling over a large territory including today's Porto Cesareo. Historical interest also constitutes the Greek fountain that was rebuilt in 1560 and is the oldest fountain in Italy. The little old town is surrounded by powerful walls constructed with the aim to defend the city against enemies. Mostly built of white stone, the small historic center is a collection of small streets that blend to form a maze, where one can find beautiful baroque buildings including the Cathedral of Sant’Agata, built-in 1629.

Gallipoli beaches and crystal-clear water.

Gallipoli is famous for its fishing port & seafood lovers; with its numerous white, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. Most of the beautiful beaches are outside the city center, however, the “Seno Della Purità” meaning the “Breast of Purity”, is within the town walls. It’s a small, pleasant beach where one can take a swim during the visit. After swimming, one can have a seafood dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the harbor, where the place is magical and memorable in the nightlight.
One can also enjoy the day at the beach, alongside activities such as spas, nature reserves, and water sports. At night the city also offers amazing nightlife. Many discos and nightclubs are inside or just outside the city. The evening usually starts in the late afternoon on the beach where one can enjoy a cocktail on the beach while listening to music.

Traveling Program of Task

Hotel by the sea in Gallipoli

Near the port of the old city in Gallipoli, a few steps from the Ionian Sea, famous for its clear waters, in a place that is completely immersed in greenery and vegetation located a dreamy hotel where you will be hosted. In it, you will feel the peace of life, the luxurious and comfortable rooms, designed to give you a unique feeling through the interior & the amazing views overlooking the beach.
The hotel’s rooms are decorated in attractive colors and shades, just a few steps away from the enchanting beach with the unique and memorable sunset spectacle of Gallipoli. The hotel also has a bar, gym, spa, swimming pool, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi. Also, you will enjoy the professionalism and impeccable hospitality of the staff, who are always ready to pamper you from the beginning of your luxury vacation until the end. They will make sure to make your vacation at the hotel unique and memorable.

Italian food in Gallipoli

You probably know the feeling of anticipation and excitement for a dream vacation in Gallipoli, and when you are finally there, you can enjoy luxurious hotels, a stunning beach, and of course, take a walk on the promenade and enjoy the culinary abundance that the beloved city of Gallipoli offers its visitors. The cuisine of Gallipoli is rich in traditional food based on fish and seafood, due to its location by the sea and his a rich history of different peoples and different cultures whose synergistic integration has led to diversity in the eating culture. 
As a result, a menu at Old Town restaurants is a gourmet paradise. Restaurants near the beach in the Old City offer an abundance of food of all kinds which is suitable for all types of visitors. The dishes with: dough, fish, seafood and of course meats. You can find restaurants that offer a wide variety of pasta, pizzas, and ravioli; an ancient and fine cuisine of various fresh fish and seafood, varied sauces, vegetables, herbs, and grilled meats.
Also, in the port of the Old City, you can find quality coffee houses. When, at nightfall, an intimate atmosphere is created all around with a unique medieval atmosphere that conveys you with the time machine through centuries back. As for the menu, you can order quality coffee with fine and varied cookies & ice creams for every taste, in the style of Gallipoli.

Self-Defense & Shooting in Gallipoli

Why should you combine a fun luxury trip with the content of self-defense and shooting?

Unfortunately, more and more news has been written, in the blood of innocent people. Unprecedented terrorism and crime do not differentiate between a man and a woman; Children and the elderly. They are like cyber killer machines from the future that aim to take as much life as possible without emotion. Due to this reason, we decided to create a prestigious and luxury-challenging trip, whose role is, to teach effective ways of self-defense against the threat of a gun. Also, teach effective techniques of quickly pulling out the gun and shooting.
Our desire is to show you through the history of Gallipoli which was written in the blood of heroes, the human nature to shed blood over thousands of years. When the main goal is not to forget that today's technological advancement does not change an animalistic tendency in humans. As a result, it is advisable to be prepared for possible attack scenarios. That is, your self-defense, and of your family, only in your own hands.
TASK's luxury trip is designed through an atmosphere of a fun vacation, to create motivation for goal-oriented training, and to provide basic tools for survival when life is in danger.

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For any questions regarding this TASK luxury Traveling program, please contact our Italian partner Antonio Monsellato, below the contact details.

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Why travel with TASK guides?

Our international team has decades of experience in leading luxury trips. Providing seminars and training on issues of self-defense and shooting all over the world. Our guides will give you personal attention during each of your luxury & challenging trips, whether it is trips to historic places, cafes, restaurants, beaches, discos, and more in Gallipoli ...; or in professional content that includes self-defense and shooting.

Why specifically with TASK self-defense instructors?

Our instructors are top experts from all over the world from a French "Krav Maga Hagana Azmit" school. They have won first place several times at the French Championships in Krav Maga technical scenarios; second place in the European Championships and the World Championships. They are specializing in shooting, self-defense & threat scenarios with hot and cold weapons.
Your prestigious trip has included contents of shooting scenarios; a threat with a firearm includes simulating a robbery attempt and assault with a zero range. I.e. gun attached from any possible direction, whether it is a front, side, or back. When, attachment can be on the upper torso, as the head and neck, or on the lower torso, like the abdomen and back. The plan of the trip includes practicing scenarios of taking control of the weapon attached to the body as mentioned before.

Why learn from TASK shooting instructors?

The shooting ranges in Gallipoli are accompanied by certified shooting instructors with rich experience and knowledge from various special forces structures from around the world. According to the luxury trip plan, you will first learn the basics of the gun, i.e. how to properly hold the gun? How to stand correctly with the gun? How to properly pull out the gun? How to aim correctly and not miss a goal? When in the second stage a range will be performed with the full guidance of guides, and with meticulous attention to each participant.

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The Travelling & Activity plan according to Days, and the Map of the Destinations

  • Day 1 - Arrival - > Shuttles from Airport to Hotel Victoria Palace - > Dinner at the Hotel - > A free evening.   

  • Day 2 - Free tour in Gallipoli with a guide. Hotel Victoria Palace in full board.

  • Day 3 - Krav-Maga/Self-Defense training from 9: 00 to12: 00 - > Free tour in Gallipoli with a guide, to one of four destinations - Otranto, Alberobello, Lecce, Castro. When a destination is selected at the request of the group. Hotel Victoria Palace in full board. 

  • Day 4 - Shooting range from 9:00 to 12:00  - > Free tour in Gallipoli with a guide, to one of four destinations - Otranto, Alberobello, Lecce, Castro. When a destination is selected at the request of the group. Hotel Victoria Palace in full board.   

  • Day 5 - Krav-Maga/Self-Defense training from 9: 00 to12: 00 - > Free tour in Gallipoli with a guide, to one of four destinations - Otranto, Alberobello, Lecce, Castro. When a destination is selected at the request of the group. Hotel Victoria Palace in full board. 

  • Day 6 - Krav-Maga/Self-Defense training from 9: 00 to12: 00 - > Free tour in Gallipoli with a guide, to one of four destinations - Otranto, Alberobello, Lecce, Castro. When a destination is selected at the request of the group. Hotel Victoria Palace in full board. 

  • Day 7 - Free beach on Saturday - or a visit to the city of Lecce. Hotel Victoria Palace in full board. 

  • Day 8 - Departure on Sunday - > Breakfast at the Hotel - > Shuttles from Hotel to Airport. 

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