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Shihan Moshe Nickelsberg Dan 10 in Karate
Head of The art of the karate movement in World

Shihan Moshe Nickelsberg Dan 10 in Martial Arts, Head of World "Homanoot Tnoohat Hakarate" System (The art of the Karate Movement), International Champion, and Chief Instructor Head of the Method.

The art of the karate movement
Moshe Nickelsberg-Head of Martial Arts Method_edited.

Shihan Moshe Nickelsberg Dan 10 in Martial Arts, Head of World Homanoot Tnoohat Hakarate System (The art of the Karate Movement).

More About Shihan Moshe Nickelsberg

The Art of Karate Movement - This is a method based on practical techniques; developed by Shihan Moshe Nickelsberg; Dan 10 in Martial Arts; Head of World “Homanoot Tnoohat Hakarate” System (The art of the Karate Movement) and international world champion.
He has won numerous international championships, medals, and trophies. This method is registered in the world along with traditional Karate methods.
It is great for self-defense and provides a solution in real-life situations on two main levels against an unarmed enemy and an enemy armed with a knife, sticks, and pistol.
This method is based on a variety of exercises that allows a weaker person to physically prevail over a larger and stronger opponent, and therefore, it provides basic requirements for women who usually face stronger opponents.
The method is great for people in jobs like Security, Doctors, Teachers, Police Officers, and Military Personnel.
The method gives children confidence in situations of bullying at school. We teach primarily to avoid violence, but, unfortunately, this does not always depend on the child, and therefore, with the help of our method, they learn to cope with these stressful situations at the level of protective and offensive instincts.
We give each student personal attention. They will also be able to participate in national and international competitions.

Shihan Moshe Nickelsberg
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