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Weight Loss Motivation And Goal Setting

In this article, we will discuss the topic of long-term weight loss, and try to answer a few of the following questions: Am I motivated to lose weight? Why is motivation most often a disadvantage in weight loss? Why is it so hard to stay motivated and maintain optimal weight? How to stay motivated for proper nutrition and exercise for a long time?

Am I motivated to lose weight?

Finding the motivation to lose weight can be difficult. In this article, I describe the truth about the motivation for weight loss and tips for finding your motivation! Have you ever checked out the research on the success rate of diets?

We will be brief on the results of this study, they show that over 50% or more of all dietitians fail to continue to lose weight after losing the first 5-10% of their excess weight. Even more, almost a third of those dieters eventually gained back more weight than when they started dieting one way or another.

So why is this happening? Why is it so hard to both lose weight and maintain it? Defect in the dietary approach? Maybe it is in our exercises? People try to lose weight following unsustainable crash diets and overtraining routines. When their excessive approach naturally and psychologically will not last. In our nature to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible. As a result, we constantly find ourselves on extreme diets which usually lose weight but due to their unnaturalness regain weight with excess in a very short time.

Why is motivation most often a disadvantage in weight loss?

Our obsession with losing weight fast through diet and exercise protocols is not applicable to this obvious problem. However, there is a bigger problem behind our constant struggle to lose weight and keep it off. That is a misunderstanding of motivation. Motivation is what makes us stay fat and why? Ask yourself, what is it like to feel motivated to lose weight? Be similar to a model or movie actor physically, or you may have a negative life experience that is directly related to your weight. That is, you feel an immediate need to make a sudden upheaval in your life and change, and at that moment you are willing to do anything to see immediate results. So this is what you usually do in these cases? You start on a diet that presents a result of a candidate before and after, we are all familiar with the comparisons from social networks. Hoping it will provide you with similar results, preferably in the shortest amount of time possible! As for most, it works at first. And you may be losing weight impressively, and what's going through your mind? You feel victorious and able to do anything in life. And here is the main problem psychologically. After a period of rigid training and a mowing diet. Usually, after two to ten weeks from the start of the diet - you start to forget the reason you started the diet, the motivation you had because you feel like an iron man. As time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to follow the restrictive guidelines of your diet plan. One night you slip and eat too much, and the reality is that one-time overeating is never enough to ruin your progress. But because you are so stressed and tired of an unnatural diet and training regimen, this one-time mistake is enough to push you over a point of no return. Throw away your meal plan and your training routine in defeat and devour food non-stop.

Why is it so hard to stay motivated and maintain optimal weight?

There are one hundred and one different individual reasons why you may be struggling with yourself, but I may have discovered that lack of motivation is one of the reasons, if not the biggest, of the reasons most people fail in their aspirations, first to lose weight and then maintain it. That is, it is possible that motivation simply passes, which means it is important to understand that motivation is not something that remains forever. It comes due to one reason and disappears also due to another reason. Weight loss will be followed by constant tiredness. When you are motivated, it is easy to lose weight. But one must be consistent with diet and exercise.

If your motivation fades and as a result, you stop being consistent with your diet and exercise, your weight loss campaign is likely to stop, which is the best-case scenario.

How to stay motivated for proper nutrition and exercise for a long time?

Have you ever started a particular diet and fitness program, and then left? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Many people start fitness and diet programs, but they may stop when they get bored, they do not enjoy or the results come too slowly. So what to do to prevent this from happening? Here are three tips to help you stay motivated.

Set goals

Start with simple goals and then move on to longer-term goals. Remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. It is easy to be frustrated and give up if your goals are too ambitious.

For example, if you have not exercised for a while, a short-term goal may be to walk 10 to 15 minutes a day five days a week. When even small amounts of exercise can be of great significance. Next, there may be a 30 to 40-minute walk five days a week. When a long-term destination may be a walk of from 3 to 5 kilometers. When larger amounts of exercise will provide an even greater benefit.

It is recommended to incorporate strength training of all major muscle groups into your fitness routine at least twice a week.

Make it fun

Find a sport or activity that you enjoy, and then change your routine to keep it interesting. If you do not enjoy your training, try something else. Join a class of martial arts of one kind or another, swimming, football, etc ... If you like to train at home, you can easily build a Gym in your home that will save you a lot of money from a periodic subscription; Time and fuel of trips back and forth to the Gym; Time wasted in conversations during training and more... When a home Gym was once considered a luxury, today many people devote space to exercising in their homes.

Build simple Gyms from a set of weights and a yoga mat to luxury Gyms with luxury aerobics equipment. That is, today all the equipment is accessible, and there are many ways to stay fit without getting to the Gym.

To help you get started, we have selected our favorite home fitness equipment to suit a variety of fitness needs and budgets. Also, search the internet for videos of many types of gymnastics classes, such as yoga, high-intensity interval training, or kickboxing. Or walk or run in a local park. The most important thing is to love the sporting activity. Remember, exercise should not be boring.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine

When, either on the way to work or back you can go up the stairs instead of the elevator. It is also possible to go for a break during work. If you work from home, then it is recommended on the yoga mat to do squats; Use a stationary bike; Walk or run on the treadmill, or do strength training during the lunch break or while you are watching TV at night.

Join nutrition, fitness, and training groups on Facebook

Through these encouragement groups, you can be constantly updated on interesting nutrition and low-calorie diets; Ask questions about existing training groups ... you may find a group of people who do sports close to home and join them. You will discover new sports in which you can practice.

Summary: Weight loss Motivation and goal setting

In this article, we have discussed the issue of long-term weight loss. When it became clear to us that motivation can have both positive and negative consequences. People who want to lose weight and maintain it long-term must change their worldview regarding nutrition and exercise. That is, one must eat right along with the right workouts, must love what we eat, and must love the exercise we do, otherwise, the weight loss may be rapid but we will immediately gain weight. We have seen in the article how we can define our motivation for success in this task. We also answered a number of questions: Am I motivated to lose weight? Why is motivation most often a disadvantage in weight loss? Why is it so hard to stay motivated and maintain optimal weight? How to stay motivated for proper nutrition and exercise for a long time?


Written by Gil Peleg.


Note: This article is not a substitute for consulting your doctor, certified trainer, and dietitian regarding diet, proper nutrition, or exercise. These articles are intended for you, to give the motivation to start the process of knowing the subject and personal health.


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