The KALAH: Top Israeli Combat System & Ultimate Remedy For Self-Defense

Updated: Jul 18

In this article, we will discuss on Israeli Combat System, for ultimate Self-Defense the KALAH: What is the birth history of the KALAH method? What caused Idan Abolnik to create a new method of warfare? What caused the evolution of the method? What is the evolution of the method? What is the importance of competition for the continuous improvement of any survival method? To whom is the method intended? Is the KALAH method suitable for women? Is the KALAH method suitable for youth and children? Why is mental preparation important in the KALAH method? What is the importance of personal protective equipment in self-defense training?

The concepts presented here are for illustrative purposes only. Before attempting any technique discussed or presented in this article, seek professional training from a reputable instructor.

What is the birth history of the KALAH method?

Idan Abolnik, the founder of the Israeli Combat System KALAH, began his career as a fighter in the Israeli army, in the Golani unit. He took a part in high-risk operations in southern Lebanon and the West Bank. Starting in 2003 he trained the security forces of the police, law enforcement units, and the farm community in South Africa, where he engaged in many security projects. In 2003 he founded the KALAH method when the philosophy of the method holds "We are not Masters but the Survivors". According to the philosophy of the method, "no attacker will come to you and say - I'm going to attack you with a knife, a gun, or with fists". We will always be surprised by the attacker as a result we have to fight from this starting point. This means that the attacker is always much more prepared. The purpose of the KALAH is not to compete with other methods but to try to compete with the reality of our lives. According to Idan "Reality is always ten steps ahead of us" and adds that "It is the one, that dictates coping rules in extreme situations in our lives". That is, it is the one who makes self-defense so difficult. These words have a tremendous meaning, which distinguishes between life and death, that is, in violent and realistic scenarios that have occurred in South Africa and around the world, on which the method is based. In 2005 the KALAH method became international when Idan introduced it to law enforcement organizations, and an army in Italy, Verona. Later, for its distribution, Idan traveled around the world and demonstrated its benefits to citizens and Security Forces. To date, more than 30 countries have invited Idan to them to teach the KALAH method. The method is currently applied in law enforcement agencies in Brazil, Spain, France, Greece, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom; Special Forces are using the method in Italy, the Netherlands, and even in Israel.

What caused Idan Abolnik to create a new method of warfare?

Idan is a person who believes in God, according to his Philosophy of life the method is a gift from heaven. That is a way that is supposed to help a person in distress in life, survive and become stronger. So what caused Idan in South Africa to create a new Israeli Combat System, which is undoubtedly based on his history of life. That is an Israeli army, in which he grew up as a true Israeli fighter (Golani unit) in which he learned the basics of Krav-Maga and Self-Defense among the best of the bests. So what, after all, caused such a person to go through an evolutionary process and decide to change an existing way of fighting? Pay attention to the demonstrations of Idan, on the subject of Self-Defense... he first of all perfectly presents the existing technique and tries to explain its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, he performs in-depth analysis and critique of the various techniques in the fields of Krav-Maga and Self-Defense. Strives to explain based on his rich experience in the subject, where and when the exercise failed and poses a danger to the person performing it. Only then does he propose an alternative technique, which he criticizes even more severely to prove its effectiveness in real-life situations of the struggle for life (in the following articles we will discuss the techniques of the method).

What caused the evolution of the method?

The answer is simple, to address a new and hostile reality, the need to develop new exercises based on the hostile environment. Exercises that are designed for a new reality, and that aimed save human life in a hostile environment. In fact, Idan was forced to pass a test of reality for an Israeli Krav-Maga in the Micro-world and not in the Macro world. What does that mean? In a Macro-world where an Israeli Krav-Maga was created, there was a need for an effective tool for defense and attack against an unarmed enemy, armed with hot or cold weapons. When, there was no time for too many technical developments (See our previous article - Israeli Krav-Maga, the most effective and recommended method of Self-Defense). Israel had to be based on simple things to learn in a relatively short time that on average had a good chance of working on the battlefield. So let's analyze the situation of the State of Israel as a young country and fought for its survival. His goal was an effective method of combat on the battlefield, for the abilities of the average soldier in the IDF at the time, and his training in a relatively short time. According to Idan, "A fighting soldier in IDF today has rich knowledge, experience in combat and firepower, but hand-to-hand fight capabilities raise many question marks".

So in today's reality, is the average chance of survival enough? I guess not. In a Micro-world, where the life of every person is important and not just that of the entire army, refinements of the method are of paramount importance. So what are the refinements of the method? The improvements of the method mean the inclusion in the system exercises that are working in the extreme situations of an existing reality. That is, checking in the real fight situations whether each exercise works! Also, do competitions that simulate reality with protective gear!

The foundations of the KALAH Combat System were built on realism and effective self-defense principles. According to Idan "We do not believe in moves that look perfect or impressive" The exercises are supposed to pass a test of reality. When principles of the method are really basic and are meant to be applicable in times of extreme stress and in different attack scenarios. According to him, the method has proven its effectiveness time and time again as its students have survived in hostile places and diverse extreme situations, especially in South Africa where the attacks are as brutal as possible.

In the development of the KALAH Combat System, Idan relied on the sources of many scenarios from existing realities in South Africa in general and around the world in particular. Analyzed a lot of videos from closed-circuit cameras, which documented a lot of means of violence. He also scanned and learned numerous documentary articles on the dynamics of behavior in different stressful situations during the attacks. Based on these sources, he has begun to develop his realistic KALAH Combat System.

What is the evolution of the method?

According to Idan, South Africa is a hostile and dangerous environment! As a result, survival capabilities are of paramount importance! In this environment, Idan was forced to work and survive, and it dictated to him new rules for survival in his personal life in general and in the professional life of the warrior in particular. In this environment, he teaches his trainees that only theory without a reality check has no place in existence. When improvements he made to the Krav-Maga method are passing on a daily level a real test of the hostile environment, in which he and his trainees survive. In a cruel place where a person's life is of low value. As a result, he was forced to develop exercises adapted to the new reality. In a relatively short time, the method has attracted many followers all over the world. When the method attaches paramount importance to combat-technical, and innovative mental preparation for dealing with the cruel reality of South Africa. That is, the hostile environment dictated to him the path to the evolution of an Israeli Krav-Maga. We all know from human history that a body that does not adapt to the environment in which it is located, and does not develop new antibodies to the new threats, simply dies.

What is the importance of competition for the continuous improvement of any survival method?

For that matter, in Dr. Dennis Hanover's survival method his students not only theoretically study the subject of Self-Defense, but in this method, there are competitions that combine many exercises from the world of Krav-Maga and Self-Defense. Competitions that allow testing the effectiveness of those exercises. There is no doubt that competition is an important way to constantly improve the method, but in competition, are also rules that are supposed to limit competitors. That is if the opponent got a blow and was neutralized, the referee would not continue the fight. It is clear that in reality this does not happen, and the test of reality has a supreme effect on the continuous improvement of the method. Every weapon created in human history undergoes a reality test on the battlefield. That's how it was, that's what's happening today and that's what will happen in the future.

To whom is the method intended?

According to Idan, the method is for everyone. And immediately the next question is asked, what does it all mean? That is, the method is intended for anyone who really wants to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones, regardless of gender, age, and status in society. When the main goal is not fitness and bodybuilding for the beauty of the muscles, but to build physical and mental abilities to deal with real distress situations. Allow the students to feel confronted with a real attack, and build the Psychology of the survivor. According to Idan in reality, "Even if you win in a real attack, you will never feel comfortable", "You will never feel strong", "You will always be in shock" you may "Panic", and your life will change completely afterward. Because survival is the difference between life and death, yours or your opponent's! This is what Idan expects people to understand when they come to learn his method. When training in this method is not very convenient. The scenarios are designed to teach her trainees ways to deal with uncomfortable situations, and with an uncomfortable environment. That is, with a chain of events where you have failed in the past. In the method one learns how to defend against cold weapons and firearms; Multiple attacks; Fighting on the ground; And tactical training in which, the contents of the realistic approaches are conveyed. According to Idan, the method attaches paramount importance to tactical combat training in motion and not just to sporty and static shooting. In addition, to close protection and in urban warfare.

Is the KALAH method suitable for women?

More and more women around the world are learning the KALAH method for ultimate self-defense. When, the method provides concrete solutions, to real problems of attacks on women that can be seen in the news, on television, in the press, or on the Internet. The method allows women to feel ready and capable in threatening and unexpected situations in their public and private spaces. Many practices with this method strengthen a woman's ability to defend oneself against future assaults; Affect the building of important traits such as assertiveness, self-esteem, and a sense of control; Causes a decrease in anxiety and fear of future attacks. Exercises are practiced in a particularly unconventional and uncomfortable scenario that simulates the reality of assault of various types, and various threatening situations such as attempts of robbery or rape. In most assaulting situations, women are coping with asymmetric force application from the opponent, because most often, an attacker is a man, and is usually larger, more powerful, more aggressive, and physically stronger.

Is the KALAH method suitable for youth and children?

The KALAH method Dedicates great attention to the issue of self-confidence among children and youth. Giving tools for coping in different social situations such as bullying at school, scenarios that simulate square attack participants, developing resilience in extreme distress situations in which almost everyone would give up, teach how to deal with these situations physically and mentally; In the face of adult assaults; In the face of violence on social networks and more... The method helps children who have been depressed in the past, to feel more confident; Learn to avoid violence; assess the situation, and if there is no choice respond proportionately and effectively.

Why is mental preparation important in the KALAH method?

It is necessary to prepare the trainee, first of all mentally not to get stressed in cases of assault with a hot, cold weapon and more... Do many exercises using rubber equipment that simulates various and very common assaults. When relative to a traditional Krav-Maga method, in KALAH Combat System, is given paramount importance to applying atomic pressure during the scenario! There is no mercy! Everything must prepare you mentally for reality! And the goal is for your response to arrive at the most appropriate time and become an animal and defensive instinct. Usually, our brain stops thinking that such an event is happening, and a real battle is over in a matter of seconds. Because of this, great importance in many exercises, and in groups. These are a lot of repetitions that the trainees do to be prepared for such assault scenarios. Such preparation significantly increases the chances of survival.


What types of training knives and protective equipment are used in Self-Defense training?

It is very important to practice Self-Defense using rubber training knives and even more important during training to wear appropriate protective equipment: such as glasses designed to protect the eyes; a body protector; a Head guard against receiving an unwanted blow. The following is a list of recommended equipment for knife defense studies:

What types of real assault knives exist?

Warning!: Real and dangerous combat knives have been attached below, do not use them for training purposes! Do not use them to intentionally hurt someone! They are for illustration only! That is, to recognize existing threats and be prepared for them! The following is a list of real attack knives for illustration only (there are dozens of different types of attack knives):


Summary of the KALAH: Top Israeli Combat System & Ultimate Remedy For Self-Defense

In this opening article, we briefly go over an Israeli method, for ultimate self-defense in the name of the (KALAH): on the history of the method's birth, we tried to understand what really caused Idan Abolnik to create a new method of warfare; What led to the evolution of the traditional Krav-Maga method to the KALAH Combat System; We tried to understand how Dr. Dennis Hanover's method copes with the issue of testing and constantly improving his method, namely through competitions; we also found that the top way to test the method is through the reality of hostile life; we also found that the method is for anyone who wants To study realistic scenarios, namely for the security forces, women, youth, and children, for those people who are not afraid of a particularly uncomfortable and even aggressive training method; we have seen why important, mental preparation in this method and use of protective equipment in self-defense training.


Article by Gil Peleg.

Professional Advisor on the KALAH Combat System, Idan Abolnik.


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