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Taekwondo: A universal and ancient method

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

This article covers the following questions: What is Taekwondo? What is the history of Taekwondo? What is Hwarang? What is Husinol? What is Hapkido? What is the history of modern Taekwondo? What is the scoring method in Competitive Taekwondo? What is Taekwondo Wear? What electronic means of protection are used in Taekwondo fights? What are the belts and ratings of Taekwondo?


What is the history of Taekwondo?

The highest form of ancient art was attained in the kingdom of Sila. A small kingdom that faced attacks from larger and more powerful enemies. As a result, the Great King of Jinjiang (533 - 576) formed an elite group of warriors called "Hwarang" or "Flower of Youth". It was they who created the basis of the philosophy of modern Taekwondo.
Ancient warrior Hwarang, noble from the kingdom of Sila

The first finds about the existence of Taekwondo were found in the form of paintings on the wall of a tomb in the Korean kingdom of “Kogorio”, which dates back to about 200 BC. The illustration shows two unarmed figures facing each other in Taekwondo style. Additional drawings show the characters defending and attacking while wearing suits similar to those used in Taekwondo training today. The history of the various kingdoms in ancient Korea over the centuries has been accompanied by many examples and pictures of the diverse teaching and development of this method. The highest form of ancient art was achieved in the kingdom of "Sila". A small kingdom that faced attacks from larger and more powerful enemies. As a result, the Great King Jinjiang (533 - 576) AD, formed an elite group of warriors called "Hwarang" or "Flower of Youth". It was they who created the basis of the philosophy of modern Taekwondo. The "Sila" dynasty was followed in AD 935-1352 by the "Koryo" dynasty, from which Korea got its name. During this period, martial arts became very popular as an organized sport, and even detailed rules were developed. The “Koryo” royal family sponsored the competition, and as a result, martial arts have become firmly established in Korean culture.

What is the modern history of Taekwondo?

Modern taekwondo fighter
Modern taekwondo fighter

In 1945, after the surrender of Japan in World War II. Many martial arts specialists who had lived in Japan during the occupation and specialized in Japanese martial arts returned to Korea from Japan. As a result, various clubs were established across the country, each with a unique martial arts course. In 1965, most of the techniques were combined into one technique called Taekwondo. In 1973, the World Taekwondo Federation was established and the first world championships were held in Seoul. In 1988, Taekwondo was introduced as a sport at the Seoul Olympics, and in 2000, at the Sydney Olympics, it was recognized as an official Olympic sport. There are several Taekwondo organizations. The first International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) was established in 1966, followed by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in 1973, the largest sports industry recognized as an official sport at the Olympic Games. Today, almost every country in the world has a Taekwondo association.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a self-defense method that originated in Korea. Recognized as one of the oldest martial arts in the world, with a history spanning over 2000 years. The name Taekwondo can be translated as “a lifestyle of kicking and punching”, based on the force generated by the amplitude and mass of the body, and with less emphasis on the direct force.

What is Hwarang?

The "Hwarang" consisted of the nobility in the "Sila" kingdom. They have been carefully selected and formally trained in all aspects of military skills, including hand-to-hand combat. Their versatility implied the development of both physical and mental abilities, in addition to fighting techniques; they studied history, poetry, and philosophy. "Hwarang" fighters acquired skills not only for combat but also for everyday life. This is directly related to modern Taekwondo training, which provides self-defense skills, and improves self-discipline and self-confidence, characteristics that can be applied to any task.

What is Husinol?

"Husinol" is a Taekwondo self-defense technique designed for effective self-defense against an attacker armed with cold or hot weapons. Trainees must reach such a level of proficiency that one blow can end a fight or battle. This kind of strength, focus, control, and precision is the result of years of intense training, and not everyone achieves it. Self-defense in this method includes joint locks, various throwing techniques, strangulation, lying wrestling, studying sensitive points, and much more ... the topic of hot and cold weapons is also studied in detail, fighting an armed person to neutralize.