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Krav-Maga, Self-Defense Seminars as an Effective Way to Improve the Work Processes in a Companies

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

In this article, we will discuss interesting questions such as: Why do companies deliver seminars in Krav-Maga to their employees? Do the seminars in Krav-Maga and Self-Defense influence the profitability of the company? Is it advisable for companies to give their employees the opportunity to engage in Krav-Maga during the day? What is the Israeli Krav-Maga Philosophy? With what equipment is it recommended to practice Krav-Maga at home? How important is cardiopulmonary endurance in Krav-Maga workouts?


Why do companies deliver seminars in Krav-Maga to their employees?

The Girl is Taking control of the attacker's hand
The Girl is Taking control of the attacker's hand

It turns out that quite a few companies around the world hold workshops and seminars in Krav-Maga, Self-Defense in their workplace. It turns out that these seminars are helpful for teamwork and team building. When in a number of meetings basic topics of Krav-Maga in general and tactical Krav-Maga are discussed (the subject will be explained in detail in the following article) in particular, according to the will of the organization. When basic training includes safety measures and actions to prevent risks of violence within the staff and in daily life. The training focuses on raising awareness for improving cardio-pulmonary endurance and later on learning the basics of fists and kicks, and the use of common objects as defensive weapons. For those who want a more advanced course, basic topics in tactical self-defense against attacks are conveyed: knife, pistol, and stick. It turns out that simulations of attack scenarios in groups help to form a group of workers and to improve work motivation. Also, constitute as much a trigger for improving physical fitness and in particular contributes to the quality of teamwork.

Do the seminars in Krav-Maga and Self-Defense influence the profitability of the company?

Employees are the main asset of companies in the fields of high technologies, security companies, security organizations, property management, mental health, ambulatory and medical teams, education teams, and more ... As a result, more and more such companies and organizations are concerned about the health and safety of their employees. In their work and outside it. A lot of companies became aware of the need for their self-defense seminars for thy staff and started with self-defense workshops with the clear goal of making employees feel safe, cohesive at work, increased morale, and a sense of belonging to the organization in which they are employed. Some organizations have realized that this is the only way to maintain the operational competence of their employees, to be updated on new scenarios and risks in the world of tactical self-defense, and to bring about the formation of their staff. When it is possible that each organization or company has different risks and scenarios depending on the nature of the work or their geographical location. According to Mark Fesler (6th Dan in Israeli Krav-Maga, and strategic consultant for companies in the fields of security and safety abroad), "Krav-Maga is delivered as part of workshops for the purpose of team building and basic self-defense training" and adds that the rationale behind this training is team building Employees; giving a sense of security, that is, society takes care of them, and providing basic tools in self-defense. It turns out that economic costs in employing a certified Krav-Maga instructor and employee training hours constitute a strategic asset of the company which influences a continuous improvement in the overall performance of the staff, and amounts to an increase in productivity; Fewer people on sick leave; An increase in creativity; Improvement in work under pressure; Improvement in human relations of employees; Decrease in the percentage of dismissals due to violence within the company. All in all, the benefit is higher than the cost invested - as a result the company's profit.

Is it advisable for companies to give their employees the opportunity to engage in Krav-Maga during the day?

According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, the difference between a company with a workforce made up of positive, strong, and productive people and a company that is not is clear. In their view, these are emotional and psychological barriers to personal achievement, which can prevent staff from functioning productively. When they claim self-defense training improves creative problem-solving skills. According to managerial studies conducted, self-defense training can help employees learn to creatively overcome obstacles to success. This type of training can develop and/or improve problem-solving abilities, creativity and thinking "outside the box". Employees learn to think “strategically,” and provide their company with the ability to identify symptoms and root causes of problems and determine corrective and preventative actions, leading to at least a waste of time, money, and other resources. As a result, they recommend self-defense training several times a week during their workday. In their opinion, employees may experience a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind. When happier employees provide many benefits for their company. People who have a secure and positive outlook on life are less likely to be threatened by change, to defend themselves against others, or to lash out at others verbally, physically, or emotionally when things are not going smoothly. According to them, martial arts-based self-defense training is known as a source of empowerment and personal security, providing a person with the ability to control himself. This type of people tends to attract and influence others in a positive way, making them a valuable asset to any company.

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