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Knife threat Analysis attached from behind: In Top Israeli methods for Self-Defense, Second Article

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

This article is a natural continuation of its predecessor on the issue of "Knife Threat Analysis, Attached to the Throat: In Top Israeli Methods for Self-Defense", and therefore recommended to read before. In this article, as in the previous one, we will discuss ways to deal with this incident, by two top Israeli methods: Krav-Maga and KALAH. When our goal is not to say what the best method is but to share different ways to deal with such situations. In this article, we will discuss questions what is the threat of a knife attached to the throat or neck from behind? How does a knife threat incident begin? What are the stages of the psychological game while this knife threat? What are the stages of negotiation in a knife threat incident? What types of training knives and protective equipment does in self-defense training used? What types of real assault knives are there? What are the recommended books to read, on the subject of knives?

The concepts presented here are for illustrative purposes only. Before attempting any technique discussed or presented in this article, seek professional training from a reputable instructor.

What is a knife threat to the throat or neck from behind?

Threatening a knife from behind with the intention of stabbing
Threatening a knife from behind with the intention of stabbing

Threat scenarios with the knife are very dangerous situations but must be distinguished from the immediate stabbing that comes as a surprise. This article is based on his predecessor "Knife Threat Analysis, Attached to the Throat: In Top Israeli Methods for Self-Defense", and therefore recommended to read him before. Note that: During an immediate stabbing, there is no time to think about the action. While sudden stabbing, there is almost zero chance of survival. These scenarios, we have discussed extensively in our previous articles, below is a list of them:

When in this article we will analyze a knife threat scenario from beginning to end. We will try to analyze the ways of coping offered in the top Israeli self-defense methods such as Israeli Krav-Maga and KALAH. We will look at experts' opinions according to this event. We will discuss the psychological aspect of dealing with this event, and its paramount importance in preparing trainees against such scenarios. When the experts in the field recommend several rules in knife threats like do not rush to make defenses and immediate movements! That is, if the attacker would want to kill or stab the victim, he would have already done it. It is most likely a robbery, kidnapping, or rape. That is, if the attacker wants from the victim something like a phone or a wallet, it is better to give it! It's worth less than your life. However, in this article, we discuss the scenario with a premise in which: The attacker not only wants to rob, but the attacker may want to rape or kill; when, the victim is psychologically and physically prepared for one of the top Israeli self-defense methods, and decides not to be the victim of a robbery, rape, or killing. Although quite a few coaches of an Israeli Krav-Maga will not agree with this statement, in their opinion is to give everything to survive the attack! In their opinion, on average this type of threat "threat of attaching a knife to the throat, front, back or side" ends after a banal robbery. But the next question is always asked what about it not being a banal and average robbery? Now begins the difficulty of dealing with the situation. Analysis of such scenarios cannot be found in traditional karate practices in general and competitive sports in particular. They exist in various applied self-defense methods of dealing with street fighting. When some of them are no less dangerous than on the battlefield.