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Israeli Krav-Maga, one of the most effective and recommended methods of self-defense

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

In this article, we will look at several important points related to Israeli Krav-Maga, and also ask interesting questions such as: What is Krav-Maga? How is Krav-Maga different from other martial arts? What characterizes Krav-Maga as an effective remedy for self-defense? Is Krav-Maga effective against other martial arts? Is Krav Maga updated over time? Is there a competition in Krav-Maga? Why study Krav-Maga? Why is the Krav-Maga method recommended for children and youth? Why do women study Krav-Maga? What is Tactical Krav-Maga? Why is psychological preparation for action important in tactical Krav-Maga? What do they wear in Krav-Maga? What does the training equipment of the Krav-Maga trainer include? How important is personal protective equipment when practicing Krav-Maga? With what equipment is it recommended to practice Krav-Maga at home? How important is cardiopulmonary endurance in Krav-Maga workouts?


The concepts presented here are for illustrative purposes only. Before attempting any technique discussed or presented in this article, seek professional training from a reputable instructor.

What is Krav-Maga?

Krav-Maga is a collection of effective techniques from many existing martial arts. To understand what Krav-Maga is, we will go back to the period when it was created. Even before the creation of the State of Israel, this method was developed by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or, 1910-1998) in the 1930s. He was a boxing champion and expert in hand-to-hand combat. Over the years, he developed his Krav-Maga method and passed on its foundations to Jews who lived in European communities and had to defend themselves against the Nazis. Over time, this method was introduced into the Israel Defense Forces. Jewish fighters had to undergo training in effective combat against a larger and more powerful enemy. There was no time to waste years learning complex fighting techniques. The goal of the Israeli method was to be easy to learn on the one hand and deadly on the other.

How is Krav-Maga different from other martial arts?

While this method is good for self-defense against sudden attacks, it is not effective in Combined Martial Arts arena fights where the principle of sudden disappears. In Krav-Maga, a small number of techniques are taught. These are commonly referred to as targeted attacks or defense scenarios. That is, a highly efficient solution is created for each scenario. After that, the same scenario is worked out to perfection. For example, a scenario against a sudden attack: with a knife, a stick, or a threat from close range with a revolver. The method includes all kinds of development of the situation and lightning-fast solutions. Also, all available items are used as tools for defense and attack, such as keys, bags, mobile phones, and much more; including Muay Thai techniques, punches, elbows, kicks, and knees... Like Russian Sambo, this method was developed primarily for military and police purposes. Particular emphasis was placed on painful and suffocating techniques for arresting and escorting a suspect. Also, the method uses many different types of locks and deadlocks to paralyze the upper body and subdue the enemy.

What characterizes Krav-Maga as an effective remedy for self-defense?

In Krav-Maga, several general scenarios are created for specific, special events. As a result, Krav-Maga for the needs of the army differs from the needs of the Israeli police. That is, the army is trained to attack targets versus the Israeli police, which must defend against attack. In addition, (the Israeli police) should be more transparent in terms of law and citizens. That is, the question is introduced about the principle of a proportionate reaction, a preliminary diagnosis, and a calming and adequate-correct approach in various situations to avoid the use of force as much as possible. Although the basic movements are almost identical to the basic courses taught in the Army and the Israel Police, the scripts used in the advanced courses are completely different. This is exactly what makes Krav-Maga so famous, as it creates customized scenarios for specific cases. Further, the students work them out, to the level of instincts. In fact, this is the secret to the main success of the method. Many repetitions of the same scenarios until they become instinctive.

Is Krav-Maga effective against other martial arts?

Scenarios are effective against stereotyped movements, but less effective when fighting with a Combine