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Hello to you,

Fitness Warriors Club
Creator of the site Fitness Warriors Club – Gil Peleg

My name is Sensei Gil Peleg, and I'm a Creator of the Website
Fitness Warriors Club.

Thank you for visiting My Website. I hope you enjoy various Groups, Galleries, and Blogs.


About Sensei Gil Peleg

Sensei Gil Peleg Holds Dan 3 in the style of "All-Round Fighting" Given by the World Academy of Martial Arts, by the Master Kaicho Raffi Liven Dan 10 in Kyokushin Karate, Sho-Shin Karate-Do And Krav-Maga-Li.

He is a certified Krav-Maga instructor from a school for tactical self-defense in the Israeli Police. He was privileged to be a tactical self-defense instructor for a certain period of time, and this was the most beautiful and amazing time of his life. He loves the field of combined martial arts and bodybuilding, eager to learn new things from all types of martial arts.

He has a Master's degree in Management, which he finished with honors, at the Holon Institute of Technology and Bar-Ilan University. He was privileged to write a thesis on the subject of "Spectrum life cycles" that actually connects to the importance of adherence to the healthy longevity and continuous improvement of ourselves in everything we do.  

In his opinion, we always must tend to reach a better version of ourselves and work hard for it. He really hopes that this site is helping both Coaches and Trainees find each other. 

על עצמי
Dan 3 in the style of All-Round Fighting Given by the World Academy of Martial Arts by the
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